shipping packaging

We offer unique and environmentally friendly shipping solutions made of paper. From the innovative paper cushion mailing bag to the all-rounder for eCommerce. With our Pack'n Post shipping boxes, we also offer the classic for secure parcel shipping.

paper padded bags

The unique and environmentally friendly SUMO® paper cushion mailing bags are made from 100% recycled paper. The cushioning effect is created by a sophisticated multi-layer paper construction that provides the best possible protection for the contents during shipping on the way and completely eliminates the use of plastic.

Due to strongly glued edges, the contents are also very well protected in case of a fall. Disposal via the paper bin and the ensured recycling makes the SUMO® paper cushion mailing bag one of the most sustainable mailing packaging.

Available from stock in five different standard sizes:

Standard sizes

SU1513165 x 215 mm
SU1514195 x 265 mm
SU1515235 x 265 mm
SU1517245 x 340 mm
SU1519315 x 445 mm
 (width x height)
SUMO Papierpolstertaschen
eCommerce Taschen


Our eCommerce shipping envelopes made of paper are the ideal shipping solution for easy shipping and return of a wide variety of eCommerce items. Flexible, stable, high-quality in haptics, practical in use with a perfectly functioning send & return function.

Easy to handle – efficient in space

The perforation opener with optional tear strip is quick and easy to use: With a short pull, the flap separates completely from the pocket and allows full access. With the second adhesive strip, the mailing envelope can be easily and quickly put into return mode. The size of the envelope can be individually adjusted to the required volume of the shipping item. So you don't send any gratuitous air.

Minimal volume – maximum variants

One for all
The flexibility of eCommerce mailing bags reduces the variety of types: large, medium and small items can be sent with one bag.

According to wish
We produce eCommerce bags according to your wishes: In individual size, colour, print and with your logo.

Low storage volume
Due to the flat storage of the mailing bag, minimum storage space is required and at the same time the highest possible mailing volume is provided.

Engineering in Paper
We process a wide variety of paper types and will be happy to advise you on the suitable selection and the desired features.

Standard sizes

Size S
300 + 80 x 370 + 80 mm
Size M
340 + 80 x 420 + 80 mm
Size L
380 + 80 x 480 + 80 mm
Size XL
440 +100 x 590 + 80 mm

(width + gusset x length + flap)



Welcome to the world of high-quality Tyvek®. Exceptional materials and products made from an incomparable material.

Protection for the most demanding packaging

Tyvek® combines the best material properties of paper, film and textile to offer unique benefits for a wide range of demanding packaging applications.

Tyvek® brand materials are made from 100% high-density polyethylene fibres, manufactured with a unique flash-spinning process without binders, and offer a durable, robust fabric structure with superior properties to most conventional packaging materials - even in the most challenging environments.

Tyvek® materials are inherently water resistant, do not react with organic and inorganic substances and are not affected by incorrect handling. This ensures a longer shelf life of the goods and a consistent appearance of the packaging.

We offer rolls, envelopes and mailers in our range.



Do you have an idea for a new product or shipping packaging? Pick up the phone or send us an email with your ideas. We look forward to developing and implementing new products with you. Thank you for your trust.